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Phoenix Energy Nigeria Limited is the distributor for Williamson Corporation in Nigeria.

Flammable and hazardous gasses are vented and incinerated through the flare stack, essentially a smokestack with a flame at the top. When these process gasses are released, they are ignited by a pilot flame atop the flare. The Williamson Pilot Monitor is used to confirm that the pilot flame is continuously lit, and that the vented process gasses have been ignited. If the flame were to go out, or if the process gasses were for some reason not to ignite, then a serious safety hazard would result.


Continuous monitor of pilot status.
Measures any flame type
Confirmation of emission and ignition of flammable gasses.
Views through dirty optics, rain, snow, and fog.
Eliminates cost and inconvenience of frequent thermocouple changes.
Measures hottest target in the optical path for easy alignment.
Mounted at grade level.

The Williamson Pilot Monitor is a dual-wavelength optical device that may be mounted up to 2000 feet or more from the stack. The exceptionally high signal dilution capability of the Williamson sensor allows for effective operation through rain, snow, heavy fog, and other inclement weather conditions. Able to measure the hottest temperature viewed, the Williamson sensor provides a relatively large target area in order to align easily to the flame.

Technical Features

Alignment: Providing a large target area, the dual-wavelength sensor easily aligns to a small, wandering flame from a great distance.

Environment: The sensor views through dirty optics, snow, rain, and fog while surviving the acidic environment associated with a petrochemical plant.

Technology: The Williamson Pilot Monitor is the most sensitive noncontact pilot detector on the market. It includes multiple measured parameters to permit monitoring and diagnosis of measurement and flame conditions.

The Williamson Pilot Monitor is designed to augment or replace troublesome thermocouples. When a thermocouple fails, then it can not be replaced safely unless the process is shut down. Because the Williamson sensor is mounted at ground level, it may be accessed for any reason at any time. The Pilot Monitor may be used to monitor pilot flames or primary stack emissions.