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Phoenix Energy Nigeria Limited is the distributor for Fike Corporation in Nigeria.
SigniFire is a brand name for Fike products


SigniFire IP video flame and smoke detection cameras are network devices with their own IP address. Communicating with the camera is easily accomplished with standard TCP/IP networking protocols. This enables the SigniFire solution to scale easily to any size organization. The SigniFire video flame and smoke detection cameras can be monitored anywhere there is network connectivity. Email alerts with snapshots of the event can also be sent to handheld PDA's.

Fire Alarm Control Panel Interface

The SigniFire IP video flame and smoke detection camera can connect directly to a CyberCat® Fire Alarm Control Panel as a regular smoke and fire detector via three built-in, dry-contact relays mounted on the back of each camera. The dry contacts can also be easily programmed to include a delay on specific events, to allow video verification before the fire alarm panel is notified--helping to eliminate nuisance alarms.