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Phoenix Energy Nigeria Limited is the distributor for AP Sensing in Nigeria.

AP Sensing offers distributed optical sensing technology (DTS - distributed temperature sensing) for a wide range of applications. Based on our HP/Agilent heritage, with over 25 years of optical measurement expertise, we stand for top quality and well-designed solutions

Fire detection in hazardous and harsh environment

Safety systems demand reliable and quick fire detection. Furthermore – in harsh environments solutions need to be immune from any interference, free of false alarms and must be easy to handle. AP Sensing offers a protection concept based on a simple fiber optic cable as a high–precision addressable heat sensor which is easy to install, maintenance free and certified for several thousand meters. It leaves no area unmonitored and displays the real-time temperature development and heat transport of the entire area at once. AP Sensing’s “Linear Heat Series” is perfectly suited for all large-sized applications in special hazardous environments.

AP Sensing’s unique linear heat detection solution, the “Linear Heat Series”, is designed to reduce the operational costs and offers maximum reliability even under severe conditions like:

dirt, dust and corrosive atmospheres

high humidity and dynamic temperature fluctuations

solvent vapors and radioactive radiation

ATEX classified areas of gas or dust